About me

I started programming in the early 80’s on a Commodore 64, and I still own my original box!

After my Commodore 64, I owned an Amiga 500, and then an Amiga 1200
Today I do my personal computing exclusively on Linux.

My hobbies include Server technologies like email server, web servers, database, LXC, etc.. I also continued my programming hobby, after the Amiga 1200 I switched to PHP at first unfortunately.
These days I program in Go and Vanilla Javascript. (Which just means pure javascript) And I am learning slowly Lua and Nim


As a manufacturing engineer I specialized early on, on computer related topics. Learned, and used NC Lathes in 1984, and moved soon to CNC Machines.

When it comes to manufacturing, I am knowledgeable in topics like.

  • Multi Axis CNC Machines, including Sliding Headstock Machines
  • Robotics applied for manufacturing
  • Touch Probing
  • etc
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