Hey you thinker, here are some thoughts for you to ponder.

STOP trying!
We are preprogrammed not to trust anything that doesn’t look, feel, or smell like us. The more someone looks like us, and talks like us, the more trustworthy they appear to us. The second we meet someone we judge them. We judge them based on their posture, dress, hair, smile, you name it. We will have an idea about that person’s character in less then a second. It is unreasonable to think that people could turn that off and not make a judgment based on the color of the skin. We make these judgment calls with in fractions of a second, and totally unconsciously. It is our survival skill that protects us from predators. This is how we are wired, it is programmed in our genes, it’s part of our instinct. So stop trying not to be racist, it won’t work, it’s not supposed to. Your genes want let you. People who argue that they are not racist are either lying, trying to prove something to you, or to them selfs, rebelling against parents or some form of authority, or are just trying to fit in. Trump would say “It’s a hoax”. We are all racist, no matter what your race is. However that does not mean we are bad people. We can still be for equal rights, and equal opportunity. It also doesn’t mean that the judgment calls are necessarily bad. They are often just reflections of the person’s culture. The Irish are different then the Italians. The France are different then the Japanese. The more people we know of that culture, the more accurate our call will be.

STOP trying!
Our history is full of glorified fairy tales. The South was racist, of course they wore, and so was the North. Just read our history, look at what the Union did in the South West to the native Indians. They came, they could, so they concurred. And yes war is brutal. However, they had mercy, they didn’t wipe them out. Once concurred they stopped. They even gave them land and rights. The South wanted a small, weak government. Wanted the government regional as close to the people as possible. They wanted what the constitution promised. It was Washington and his gang, who supported a strong federal government. Washington was no less racist then anyone in the South. The North used the black folks, their agenda was to build a strong federal government. They played the “Black lives matter” card back then just as the globalist do now. It’s his fault that we have the Federal Reserve, the IRS, the FBI, the CIA, etc. It is his fault that the government can trample all over the constitution, and the Bill of Rights. What we have now is, what the philosophy of the South was trying to protect us from. The initial difference between the South and the North was about strong vs weak federal government, and most importantly TAXES. Not about slavery. The Union made it about slavery to win the argument, to get black folks fighting for them, and ultimatly win the war. Then like always the winner rewrote history.

STOP trying!
Stop trying to mobilize people with fairy tales like the Weihnachtsman. Saint Nicolas was a man who lived in today’s southern Turkey not at the Arctic. Christianity should not be part of any political argument. Christianity discriminates. Make your arguments based on earthly logic, no matter what is in your heart. Believes are not supposed do be part of this government, and politics. Christianity will not move the majority. The finest invention is the word Judeo-Christian, the only time in history when Jews and Christians lived for generations in harmony side by side was during the Ottoman Empire, under Moslem / Sultan rule. But that is a whole another story by it self. Keep your religion to your self.

Try this!
You want to save the nation, there is only one way, and that is logic, and mathematics. There is only one way, and we are already working on it, segregate government from church AND fiat money. Learn about Bitcoin! Learn about what it is, how it works, and most important learn about the philosophy behind it. Then join the movement, let’s make it happen.