e() for echo

It’s really annoying having to thing of html stuff like pre & br everytime you need to display something. And it’s even worst if you like me test your code in cli and cgi. So I wrote this little method to take care of it all. It’s nothing complicated but sure useful. It detects cgi and cli, and formats everything accordingly. <?php /** * e() --- Prints human-readable information about a variable * * string e ( mixed $expression[, string $name [, bool $return = false ]] ) * * Replacement for php echo, print, print_r(), var_export() etc */ /** * @category TaMeR * @copyright Copyright (c) 2008 - 2011 Dennis T Kaplan * @license http://www.

Zend ACL

Tamer_ACL is a simple Zend Framework ACL plugin that uses the sqlite backend to store all the data. How To Inatall Make sure you have a table called role in your authentication table and a table called alias you may change that to username if you like. The sql code is below. Below are the files. Before each file you will find installation instructions that should work even for the most novice Linux / Zend Framework developer.