Citadel vCard Sync

Features Citadel Sync will work on most operating systems including Linux, Mac, PC, Android … Converts a multi vCard file in to many for each to hold a single contact Adds UID and REV fields to the vCard if missing Uploads vCards to a given remote [Citadel] Mail Server You can specify, which folder on the server to upload to Can populate the Display name field from first and last name, or populate first and last name from display name Features planned Compare revision state and sync in case you modify a vCard on the server.

Sometimes I fall in love with code

I don’t use this, since I need often more but isn’t this just need? http://play.golang.org/p/QFheQeChIn package main import "log" const debug debugging = true // or flip to false type debugging bool func (d debugging) Printf(format string, args ...interface{}) { d { log.Printf(format, args...) } } func main() { debug.Printf("foo %d %.2f", 42, 12.7) }