I have been looking around for some good examples to use the new PHP autoloader interoperability standard according to the PHP Standards Recommendation #0 (PSR-0). And since I could find anything good, I had to figure it out by my self, here is the result. gist id=3027247 HowTo: <?php # Adds your library to the beginning of the php include path addInclude('~/code/libs', FALSE); $loader = new SplClassLoader(); # adds the php include path to the class $loader->setIncludePathLookup(true); $loader->add('Zend'); $loader->add('PEAR'); # Give the path if it isn't in the php include path like this $loader->add('Symfony', '/path/to/symfony'); $loader -> register(); ?

Creating models for the Zend Framework from command line via phpcli

This is a php cli script that will create a database model from the database provided Download via git from github -> phpcli php zend/model.php -h This is a command line PHP script. Set table Options: -path=[ ] -table=[ ] Usage: php zend/model.php -arg=value Database Structure: CREATE TABLE users ( Alias TEXT UNIQUE, Password TEXT, eMail TEXT, Avatar TEXT, Timezone TEXT, IP TEXT, count INTEGER, cookie TEXT, vars TEXT, status INTEGER DEFAULT 1, added date, updated datetime, PRIMARY KEY(Alias) ); Sample Output: